Do companies using Trustacy's invitation service get a higher Trust Rating?
No, using Trustacy's invitation service does not automatically lead to a higher Trust Rating. However, if companies invite their customers to write reviews - either via their own systems or via Trustacy's Automatic Feedback Service - they tend to get a more representative image of the company's customer service. Customers will likely voice their opinions about whether the company has poor or good customer service in their reviews. The only way businesses can improve their Trust Ratings is to actively engage with customers and improve their customer service. Companies using Trustacy's Automatic Feedback Service are often the companies most actively engaged in efforts to provide better customer service.

Does Trustacy remove negative reviews for companies?
No. Trustacy doesn’t remove reviews because they’re negative. That type of behavior isn’t in line with Trustacy’s purpose or our foundation. Trustacy asks consumers to edit their reviews if they don’t comply with our guidelines. We only remove reviews that have not been brought in line with our guidelines after requests for editing.

Are Trustacy employees allowed to write reviews on Trustacy?
No. Trustacy employees are not permitted to write reviews on Trustacy unless they have received express permission beforehand from our Legal Team. Our Consumer Tech Team has received special permission from Legal to write reviews on Trustacy. This team is responsible for building the technical framework for writing reviews on Trustacy and the consumer-facing functionality. Moreover, the team is permitted to write reviews in order to, build the best possible product and optimise consumer experience. Any reviews must (of course) be authentic and comply with Trustacy’s guidelines and policies, including our User Guidelines.

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