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Recent Reviews

  • Albert Learning


    (For purchase made on 09/07/2018)

    The online méthode of talking to the teacher daily is very good . But I feel that the course materials can be improved and can be made innovative . I find the presentations of the course materials not very good . The teachers at Albert are trained and use innovative methods which helps to learn the language .

  • Albert Learning


    (For purchase made on 07/10/2019)

    Cours collectifs ralentissent les connexions, cela ne fonctionne pas bien .

  • Albert Learning


    (For purchase made on 22/08/2018)

    I`m really enjoy of studying Albert Learning. Individual sessions which provided be this school are very helpful for me and afford me great speaking practice with highly educated teachers. Group lessons with students from different countries are also very interesting. It will be great if Albert general make IELTS preparation course now it`s only Academic IELTS.

  • Albert Learning


    (For purchase made on 11/06/2020)

    La « free discussion » est géniale Les cours ne me semble pas évident car rien n’est traduit en français et nous sommes livré à nous mêmes dans un apprentissage non structuré

  • Albert Learning


    (For purchase made on 27/07/2019)

    Until now, everything has been fine with Albert Learning. The team is easily reachable and answers any question quite quickly and kindly. The website is well-conceived and offers various different programs. Yet, we can still ask the administration for more specific programs, so Thank You. My first lesson with Teacher Denis has been great : he's kind and we had interesting exchanges. I'm looking forward to my next lesson (apparently a group lesson on a subject we can prepare). Thanks a lot !

  • Albert Learning


    (For purchase made on 25/02/2019)

    Cest un super moyen pour pratiquer les langues

  • Albert Learning


    (For purchase made on 04/07/2018)


  • Albert Learning


    (For purchase made on 08/07/2020)

    Cours commencés il y a trois jours et le principe des oraux est top !

  • Albert Learning

    Jean Paul

    (For purchase made on 25/06/2019)

    Pas de problèmes particuliers avec les cours. Mais souvent des problèmes de connexion

  • Albert Learning


    (For purchase made on 19/11/2020)

    Quelques points négatifs : Pas assez de créneaux disponible, la seule possibilité d’en avoir en supplément c’est de prendre un pass « fast booking » qui vous offre des créneaux supplémentaires soit de 10 leçons pour 49,99 € ou 20 pour 99,99 €. Soit 100€ au lieu des 50 € initial. J’ai souscrit sinon impossible de prendre 2-3 cours/j. Les cours Albert se font que sur l’ordi impossible sur tel ou IPad j’ai perdu un cours certes d’essai comme ça. Sinon tout est ???? à voir si je renouvelle.

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