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Recent Reviews

  • Albert Learning


    (For purchase made on 31/08/2018)

    Non esiste una scuola migliore di questa. Non credo di esagerare dicendo che, a parte la permanenza in un Paese estero, solo con Albert è possibile imparare una lingua straniera

  • Albert Learning


    (For purchase made on 07/10/2019)

    Cours collectifs ralentissent les connexions, cela ne fonctionne pas bien .

  • Albert Learning


    (For purchase made on 06/01/2021)

    Sympathic and professionnal teachers

  • Albert Learning


    (For purchase made on 06/08/2018)

    Profs sympas et compétents.

  • Albert Learning


    (For purchase made on 02/07/2018)

    Отличный сервис для изучения языков с опытными и приятными учителями, гибкое расписание и удобный сервис позволчют заниматься в любое время и из лббого места по скайпу. Есть также платформа для подготовки к экзамену IELTS, собираюсь сдать пробный экзамен на ней.

  • Albert Learning


    (For purchase made on 14/05/2018)

    La formation est intéressante sauf que quand on fait des exercices on a pas la réponse en correction sur les fautes qu on a fait .

  • Albert Learning


    (For purchase made on 05/01/2021)

    Really nice ! I am very happy.

  • Albert Learning


    (For purchase made on 30/01/2021)

    Great experience

  • Albert Learning


    (For purchase made on 17/06/2020)

    IIs very good possibility zu praktice the english language.

  • Albert Learning

    Mohamed Amine

    (For purchase made on 04/07/2018)

    All is ok, When connexion is ok :(

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