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Recent Reviews

  • Albert Learning


    (For purchase made on 22/08/2018)

    I`m really enjoy of studying Albert Learning. Individual sessions which provided be this school are very helpful for me and afford me great speaking practice with highly educated teachers. Group lessons with students from different countries are also very interesting. It will be great if Albert general make IELTS preparation course now it`s only Academic IELTS.

  • Albert Learning


    (For purchase made on 07/05/2020)

    L'ensemble des professeur est bien et attentif. Peut être une ou deux personnes avec lesquelles j'ai moins envie de travailler. J'ai particulièrement apprécié le fait que 2 des professeurs m'est incité à parler beaucoup plus, d'aller chercher des articles sur lesquels on peut s'appuyer pour travailler.

  • Albert Learning


    (For purchase made on 15/02/2021)

    Contenu des cours, professeurs excellents. Je recommande complètement ce site d'apprentissage de langues.

  • Albert Learning


    (For purchase made on 02/11/2021)

    J’adore cette formation anglais chez Albert Learning en ligne,je suis stressé pour l’instant car je viens tout juste de commencer mais les profs te mettent à l’aise tout de suite,c’est super pour l’instant j’ai vu que 2profs tout les 2 nickelés : Ricardo et kanika. Merci beaucoup

  • Albert Learning


    (For purchase made on 10/09/2018)

    I have just begun to learn with Albert Learning. It is quite easy to schedule the session based on my convenience. It helps me build my conversation skills with native tutors along with reading, writing and listening. Am quite excited to have overall skill development with Albert-learning. Thank you!

  • Albert Learning


    (For purchase made on 15/03/2019)

    Hi, teachers are very friendly and brave. The new system is good. Sometimes Appear software doesn’t work very good and maybe Skype can help.

  • Albert Learning


    (For purchase made on 21/08/2018)

    Good teachers and generous system for the price but I don’t agree with some politics of punishment of 24 hours when I have connection problems. I will finish this month and go into another site. Anyhow thank you. Leonardo Palmigiani

  • Albert Learning


    (For purchase made on 26/04/2018)

    Professeurs au top! très à l'écoute de mes demandes.

  • Albert Learning


    (For purchase made on 02/07/2018)

    Hello, I appreciate the evaluation, it was fair, the teacher was very clear , keep the good work ! Thanks Albert Learning

  • Albert Learning


    (For purchase made on 10/10/2019)

    Très content

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